Equipment - Superior Pool Service
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Swimming Pool Equipment Replacement & Repairs

Superior Pool Service takes pride in being the most well informed Pool Service Company in Texas. We have gone to great lengths to research the products we offer to our clients. All of our associates are factory trained and extensively educated on the latest and most effective pool accessories on the market. We feature Ray-Pak Heaters, Pentair Pumps, Filters and Controllers, Polaris Pool Cleaners, Anchor Safety Covers, Aquarite Saltwater Chlorinators and Cantar Removable Fencing. Superior Pool Service stands by not only its people but also the products we offer. Let us assist you in choosing the right accessories for all of your needs.

Along with the usual pool accessories, automated controls, automatic pool cleaners and pool covers such as a Pentair Controller, Polaris 280, and Anchor Pool covers are options that can enhance the enjoyment of your pool and reduce your energy costs. The professionals at Superior Pool Service are knowledgeable about the best way to incorporate some, or all of these into your system.

Seasonal Warnings

As the seasons change, a pool owner needs to take certain measures to ensure their pool’s mechanical equipment stays in optimum working order. One thing that can affect pumps, filters and cleaners is leaves. Falling leaves and debris can clog your pool equipment, thereby rendering it useless. An Anchor Safety Cover can alleviate this concern. Anchor Safety Covers are custom fitted to the shape of your pool, preventing nearly all debris from clogging your skimmers or burning up your pump. Superior Pool Service is uniquely qualified to assist you with both the selection and installation of your new safety cover.

Superior Pool Service is concerned with our clients and their family’s safety. Most Homeowners Insurance requires that there be safety fencing around pools and spas. We feature Cantar Protect-A-Pool Removable Fencing to protect small children as well as pets. Cantar Fencing exceeds OSHA Test Standards and features powder coated stainless steel posts. These fences are climb resistant and offer a five-year warranty. Superior Pool Service also suggests self closing and self latching gates for extra security and we offer only the best.

At Superior Pool Service, we are your one stop for all of your swimming pool service and maintenance needs. We want you to rely on us completely so we can help make your pool a beautiful oasis in a hectic world. One phone call is all it takes.

The following is a partial list of the equipment and manufacturers that we service:


  • Pentair
  • Purex
  • PacFab
  • American
  • Sta-Rite
  • Aquaflow


  • Pentair
  • Purex
  • Pacfab
  • American
  • Triton
  • Sta-Rite


  • Raypak
  • Sta-Rite
  • Teledyne Laars
  • Pentair
  • Purex

Automatic Pool Cleaners:

  • Polaris
  • Letro
  • Kreepy Krauly

Computer Controls and Time Clocks:

  • Jandy Aqualink
  • Intermatic
  • Pentair


  • Rainbow
  • Clormatic
  • Aqua Rite
  • Auto Clear Plus


We want to assure you that Superior Pool Service and all our employees are taking the COVID-19 virus very seriously. We want you to know what we are doing to keep you safe and to keep ourselves safe from this virus while we continue to maintain your pool.

First, we want you to know that we are at an advantage in that we work with chlorinated (and sanitized) water all day long. The National Swimming Pool Foundation and the Center for Disease Control recommend 1 to 3 parts per million of chlorine in your swimming pool water. This level will kill viruses and bacteria in 3 to 5 seconds and is the level we have always maintained in your pool each visit.

Additionally, our Pool Technicians will be doing everything they can to keep themselves bacteria and virus free during and between our service stops. We have minimal contact with other people in our work capacity and ensure we have the absolute minimal contact outside of our work as well.

During the weekly service visit we ask that you do not have anyone outside while we are servicing your pool. We will not be knocking on doors but will call you if we need to get in contact with you regarding your pool. Therefore, we ask that you make sure gates are unlocked and pets are inside or locked up on your regularly scheduled service day.

If there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know. Remember that we are always available by phone or email 972-221-2253 or