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Swimming Pool Renovation

We offer a complete list of Swimming Pool Renovation Services. Whether you need a full renovation or a few minor repairs, we can help with your renovation needs.


Problem: Algae stained pools.

Process: Pool is drained and rinsed with a chlorine solution.

Results: Will remove algae and may lighten but not necessarily remove all stains.

Acid Wash

Problem: Dingy or stained plaster surface.

Process: The pool is drained and rinsed with an acid solution. Because an acid wash actually removes a portion of the plaster surface, it is not recommended for all pools, or as a scheduled maintenance item.

Results: Will brighten the pool surface but may not remove all staining. For heavily calcified pools, additional hand sanding will be required and is normally an extra charge. This process is not recommended for pools that have a worn surface.

Tile Repair/Replacement

Problem: Loose or missing tiles.

Process: Depending on the scope of repair, the pool may need to be drained. Loose tiles are removed, and the pool wall inspected for hidden damage. New or replacement tiles are applied to the pool. Due to the amount of work required to clean up tiles that have fallen off, they usually cannot be reused and should be replaced with new tiles.

Results: Will vary depending on the scope of work. With basic tile repairs, conditions beyond our control do not allow for a guarantee for grout/tile color match in the repaired areas.

Coping Repair/Replacement

Problem: Loose or damaged coping stone or brick.

Process: Depending on the scope of repair, the pool may need to be drained. Loose/damaged coping is removed, and the pool beam inspected for hidden damage. Coping is then reset or replaced, as required.

Results: Will vary depending on the scope of work. With basic coping repairs, conditions beyond our control do not allow for a guarantee for coping/grout color match in the repaired areas.

Rust Spot Repairs

Problem: Sections of rebar have started to deteriorate and rust is leaching through to the pool surface.

Process: Rusted area is chipped out to expose the suspect rebar. The rebar is removed and the remaining ends are sealed with epoxy. Plaster is then patched.

Results: Typically prevents rust from reappearing in the affected area. In cases where the entire pool is not being replastered, the repaired area will be patched. Every attempt will be made to match the existing plaster; however, due to the many factors that created the “current” condition/look of the plaster, there is no guarantee that the plaster patch will match the existing plaster.

Pool Resurfacing

Problem: Pool surface is worn, dingy, cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged.

Process: Pool is drained. Old plaster is saw cut and chipped out around tile line, skimmers, return lines, and lights. A “bond coat” is applied to the old plaster surface and allowed to set. The new surface coating is applied over the bond coat and the pool filled immediately. Once the pool is full, a specialized chemical and brushing program will start for approximately 2 weeks.

Results: Excellent. Stop by our office to see some of the many color and materials selections available to enhance the look of your pool. If you are on a budget and are also planning new tile or coping, we highly recommend completing those upgrades prior to resurfacing the pool. Otherwise, some incidental damage may occur to the new surface.

Mastic Replacement

Problem: Dried / cracked mastic

Process: Remove all mastic. Install foam filler. Pour new mastic and cover with silicone sand.

Results: Excellent. This process will seal the gap between your coping and deck, which will help protect the coping and tile from water damage.

Deck Repair/Replacement

Process: Remove, replace, add, or resurface your existing deck. Stop by our office to see some of the many options available.

Swimming Pool Renovation Tile Repair
Swimming Pool Renovation Leak Repair
Swimming Pool Renovation Structural Repair


We want to assure you that Superior Pool Service and all our employees are taking the COVID-19 virus very seriously. We want you to know what we are doing to keep you safe and to keep ourselves safe from this virus while we continue to maintain your pool.

First, we want you to know that we are at an advantage in that we work with chlorinated (and sanitized) water all day long. The National Swimming Pool Foundation and the Center for Disease Control recommend 1 to 3 parts per million of chlorine in your swimming pool water. This level will kill viruses and bacteria in 3 to 5 seconds and is the level we have always maintained in your pool each visit.

Additionally, our Pool Technicians will be doing everything they can to keep themselves bacteria and virus free during and between our service stops. We have minimal contact with other people in our work capacity and ensure we have the absolute minimal contact outside of our work as well.

During the weekly service visit we ask that you do not have anyone outside while we are servicing your pool. We will not be knocking on doors but will call you if we need to get in contact with you regarding your pool. Therefore, we ask that you make sure gates are unlocked and pets are inside or locked up on your regularly scheduled service day.

If there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know. Remember that we are always available by phone or email 972-221-2253 or