Vinyl Liner Repair & Replacement - Superior Pool Service
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Vinyl Liner Repair & Replacement

What is a Vinyl Liner?

A Vinyl-Lined Pool has a vinyl membrane as the pool floor and wall material, custom-made to fit the shell of the pool. All of the wall panels are secured together to make up the perimeter shape of the pool.

Out of track?

Liners are meant to fit tightly into the shape of the pool. If the liner was installed slightly off center, or if the liner is too large or too small for the pool’s shape, the bead might pop out of the track.

Losing color?

The original color of your liner will fade with the use of sanitizing chemicals and exposure to the sun. Harsh chemicals and high concentrations of such are to be avoided as much as possible. They remove the plasticizers which give liners their resiliency, leading to brittle vinyl, and eventually ruined liners. Because of the chemical makeup of modern vinyl, liners are now much more durable and resistant to chemical, solar and algae problems.


Liners are typically manufactured in 20 mil thickness (28-30 mil option). Although resistant to punctures, it can and does happen, especially as the liner ages and loses its resiliency. If you spot a small hole in the liner, simply patch it with a vinyl liner patch kit (and if underwater, buy a “wet” patch kit). If the source of the leak isn’t readily apparent, Superior Pool Service can help!

Ready for a replacement?

Sooner or later, your pool’s liner will need to be replaced. When that time comes, it is also an ideal time to make modifications to your pool, like adding an automatic cleaner line. When that time comes, Superior Pool Service is ready to assist you.