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Steps to Measure Water Loss

Step 1: Initial Water Level Check
  1. Mark the Current Water Level: Use a piece of masking tape or chalk to mark the current water level at the side of your pool.
Step 2: Bucket Test
  1. Fill a Bucket: Fill a bucket with pool water up to about two-thirds or three-quarters full.

  2. Place the Bucket: Place the bucket on a step in the pool where it won’t tip over. The water level in the bucket should be similar to the water level in the pool.

  3. Mark the Water Level in the Bucket: Just like you marked the water level in the pool, mark the water level inside the bucket as well.

Step 3: Wait and Observe
  1. Let Time Pass: Let 24 hours pass without using the pool. Make sure to also turn off any pool features like waterfalls or fountains that might cause extra water loss.
Step 4: Measure Again
  1. Measure Pool Water Level: After 24 hours, measure how much the water level has dropped in the pool from your original mark.

  2. Measure Bucket Water Level: Similarly, measure how much the water level has dropped in the bucket.

Step 5: Compare and Analyze
  1. Compare the Levels: If the water levels in both the pool and the bucket have decreased by the same amount, the water loss is likely due to evaporation or other natural factors.

  2. Analyze the Difference: If the water level in the pool has dropped more than in the bucket, there is a good chance you have a leak.

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